Trauma Kits

First Life Saved Two Weeks After Kits Deployed

The Foundation’s fund raising efforts paid off big for a Fort Myers man on June 8th when Fort Myers police officers saved his life using the contents of Trauma Kits recently acquired by the Foundation for all of the City’s patrol cars.

Only two weeks after the new Trauma Kits were deployed, Sergeant Jason Pate, and Officers Chris Mainous, Jari Sanders, and Cassie McHale responded to a call that a man’s wrist was cut with glass. They arrived on the scene and located the victim who was losing consciousness and surrounded by blood spurting from his radial artery. The Officers jumped into action and used the tourniquet and special bandages from the Trauma Kit to stop the bleeding until the EMS arrived and took the man to the hospital. The hospital nurses said that without the quick action of the Officers that the man would most likely not have survived due to loss of blood from the wound.

Using the proceeds from the Foundation’s first fund raising effort (a car raffle), every patrol car was provided with a Trauma Kit so that police officers can have life saving equipment readily available to them. There are a lot of instances when officers are hurt and the quicker they can get access to medical attention, the greater the chance they have of surviving. The added value is that victims of crimes or accidents can also benefit as was the situation in this case.